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LasX Industries specializes in industrial laser machines and services for materials processing. With our patented LaserSharp® digital converting technology, we build high power laser systems that accurately cut, mark and perforate flexible materials at high speeds.

DenimHD Laser

Equipped with 2500W of power, the LaserSharp® DenimHD Abrasion System is designed to maximize industrial productivity. The DenimHD system creates natural fade patterns and distressed effects on denim jeans in high definition, and is 2-4 times faster than existing technologies.

Commercial Print & Graphics

Laser cutting combines speed and precision to produce commercial pieces, simple or complex, with no design constraints. From greeting and business cards to decorative packaging and labels, LasX's laser technology adds dimension unmatched by die cutting.

Flexible Packaging

Laser scoring & perforating systems from LasX add easy-open, breathable and microwavable features to a wide range of flexible packaging materials. Benefit from a non-contact, low-maintenance processing method that increases productivity and decreases cost.

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PACK EXPO tradeshow

Pack Expo 9/28

Visit us at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2015, the largest event of the year for processing and packaging solutions, September 28-30 in Las Vegas, NV.

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Get in touch with a LasX sales or support representative at 1-651-407-0011. We will help you find the right laser machine or service for your objective.

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