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LasX Industries, Inc. and RevoLaze, LLC Develop High-Definition Garment Abrasion System Bringing High Power, Speed and Precision to Garment Industry

ST. PAUL, Minn., May 28, 2015 — LasX Industries, Inc., a global leader in high-performance laser systems and services, together with RevoLaze, LLC, a laser technology firm holding multiple patents for garment and textile applications, announced today the launch of their next generation 2500-watt Garment Abrasion System featuring High Definition technology.

The 2500W LaserSharp® DenimHD Abrasion System outperforms other garment abrasion technologies on the market, with processing speeds 2-4 times faster than that of existing systems. The LaserSharp® system also delivers a much finer beam size resulting in 50dpi high-resolution graphics. "This changes everything," said Darryl Costin Jr., President of RevoLaze. "The system productivity for LasX's machine is significantly better than what is currently out there. What we have developed is essentially a blank canvas for denim manufacturers and designers to now take advantage of limitless design possibilities."

The strategic alliance between the two companies has been mutually beneficial. "LasX and RevoLaze share a common vision for the future of garment production, where the intersection of people, data, and intelligent production machines will have an enormous impact on productivity and efficiency for manufacturers all over the world," said William Dinauer, President of LasX Industries. "Prior to our recent collaboration, LasX's core business was focused on medical solutions as well as laser cutting and commercial print applications. Our alliance with RevoLaze and their team of experienced garment finishing experts has opened the door to an entirely new market."

"Denim garment abrasion with lasers is gaining prominence around the globe as dangerous practices, such as sandblasting and even hand sanding, are being banned while the demand for faded effects and patterns is growing," said Darryl Costin, CEO of Revolaze. "Our focus has always been about worker health and safety and sustainability improvements, which can be achieved with lasers. Working with a great company like LasX has allowed us to build something truly remarkable and revolutionary for the industry."

The 2500W LaserSharp® DenimHD Abrasion System is currently on display at the RevoLaze Research & Development Center in Cleveland, OH. Interested customers now have the opportunity to see firsthand the highest speed, highest powered textile lasers in the world and experience the economical and environmental benefits of the revolutionary technology.

About LasX Industries

LasX Industries, Inc. ( was founded in 1998 with a mission to deliver high-performance industrial laser equipment and on-demand contract services to the Flexible Packaging, Commercial Print, Medical, Textile and Electronics industries. LasX is committed to designing and manufacturing superior laser machines for custom manufacturing challenges. LasX's patented LaserSharp® technology can be retrofitted into existing workflows or used to integrate a turnkey system, providing manufacturers with a standard materials processing solution that is fundamentally unique. LasX guarantees the quality, productivity, and reliability of their LaserSharp® equipment and services.

About RevoLaze LLC

Through a combination of unique digital software, and specifically designed material delivery systems, RevoLaze LLC creates the technology to achieve the highest speed, highest power galvo driven laser machines on the planet. With over 20 years of experience, and 31 patents granted worldwide, RevoLaze offers its licensees unprecedented cost reduction, throughput enhancement and design flexibility. To learn more about RevoLaze, visit