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Laser Cut Folding Cartons by Contour Creations®

Laser cut folding cartons and packaging add eye catching detail while showcasing your product.

Create innovative, eye-catching cartons and packaging with impact and utility. LasX partners with you to develop creative packaging with the features your customers demand. In addition to intricate patterns, our Contour Creations® process can also laser score fold lines and easy open features like perforations or zip-tear features.

Extended Package Design Options

Other traditional packaging solutions restrict your design options: tooling for multiple processes is expensive, intricate features are impossible because of die and space constraints, and material selection is limited. LasX Contour Creations® changes that. Extend your company’s visual identity to product packaging using the same processes that create your letterheads, stationery, business cards, and promotional materials.

Don’t limit yourself to common cardboard containers. While our laser systems regularly process any paper-based material (smooth, textured, or synthetic), you can add impact to packaging by incorporating other media. Fabric, polyester, vellum, acrylic—these add visual appeal and are easily processed by our laser systems.

Value Added

With a decorative laser cut folding carton, you allow your customers the ability to view package contents. Entice buyers by allowing scented products to breathe while still protecting the contents and displaying the product information. Concerned with product quality and longevity? Require a material that preserves product quality but that cannot be realized with traditional methods? With our sister company LaserSharp® FlexPak Services, you can easily incorporate plastic film or flexible packaging features like air-tight seals or breathable vents directly into your package design. Our laser experts can deliver complete solutions for plastic or paper.


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