Customized Laser Machines

Complete laser system solutions built to specification for your materials processing needs.

For almost 20 years LasX has been designing and manufacturing complete laser system solutions for a number of different markets, customers and applications. Our patented LaserSharp® technology, together with our team of laser material processing experts, are key to the design of your purpose-built laser machine.

Our laser system solutions typically combine a guaranteed laser materials process with one or more LaserSharp® laser modules and high-quality material handling equipment.

Our team of experienced laser process engineers will work closely and confidentially with you to develop a complete laser system solution. We are experts in collaborating with our customers to develop new or specific laser processes tailored to your requirements.

Custom Laser Systems

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High-power fiber laser scoring and perforating of metal foils

Wide-web high-speed CO2 laser scoring and perforating of plastic film

Roll-fed fiber laser cutting of aluminum foil

Retrofit of CO2 laser processing to roll-fed system

Roll-fed fiber laser cutting and perforating of aluminum foils

Roll-fed laser scoring of sputtered films using UV and fiber lasers

Roll-fed CO2 laser cutting of plastic mesh material

High-speed CO2 laser perforating of roll-fed materials

Retrofit of high-speed CO2 laser perforating and scoring for wide-web plastic film