LinearHD Laser

High-def laser scribing and texture marking of textiles.

The LinearHD is the world's fastest system for high-definition laser scribing of textiles and other roll-fed materials. Any bitmap image or vector art can be laser scribed into high-definition patterns on your roll-fed materials.

The LinearHD system is ideal for creating natural weaving and washing effects, giving designers and manufacturers new options for automated high-speed textile production.

Why LinearHD?

  • 2-4 x times faster than existing technology on the market
  • Delivers high-def 80 dpi resolution for realistic weaving effects (i.e., ring-spun, cross-hatch)
  • Simulates washing effects without water and chemicals

Product Video

The LinearHD provides continuous laser scribing of roll-fed textiles.

Create intricate ring spun patterns up to 4 yards/min.

Product Details


  • Laser type: CO2 Diffusion-Cooled Slab Laser
  • Power: 5000W (2 each 2500W lasers)
  • Safety: Class 1 (CDRH & ANSI)
  • Processing area: 1.83m (72") width
  • Scribing speed: Up to 80 m/s
  • Resolution: High Def (up to 80 dpi)


  • Operable in any industrial environment
  • Automated roll-to-roll handling
  • Continuous production up to 30MPM (33 yards/min)
  • Processes extensible materials that stretch


  • Pattern library of vector art and bitmap images
  • Photoshop library and filters for easy design creation (i.e., cross-hatch)
  • Automatic order change (bar-code driven)
  • Process sewn garments and other discrete products

Product Photos

Ring spun pattern on denim.

Stonewash pattern on denim.

Ring spun and crosshatch pattern on denim.

Vector – bitmap floral art on denim.

Vector – bitmap geometric art on denim.

Vector – bitmap art with brush filter on denim.

LinearHD industrial laser system.


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LinearHD Brochure

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