LS Series Laser

LS Series Laser

Laser cut, perforate, score, etch or ablate in a single station with the LaserSharp LabStation® (LS Series). Ideal for hand-fed or small-field applications (350mm or less) requiring up to a 150W CO2 laser (or 100W fiber laser), this compact series can be operated as a standalone, turnkey system.

The LS Series is perfect for laser processing papers, plastics, and flexible materials. An integrated water chiller facilitates clean, simple installation.

  • Standalone unit
  • Turnkey system
  • Small footprint

Product Details


  • Laser type: Sealed CO2 or fiber
  • Power: 40W to 150W (CO2); 10W to 100W (Fiber)
  • Processing area: Application-specific from 170mm (6.7") to 500mm (19.7")
  • Laser life: CO2 laser rated output for industry-leading minimum 20,000 operating hours before refurbishment


  • CO2 or Fiber Laser Processing Module (LPM)
  • Integrated water chiller if required (cools laser during processing)
  • Patented 3rd-generation proton laser control software and LightGuide® software interface
  • Industrial-grade laser engineered for 24/7 operation
  • Class 1 safety rating (no special operator eye protection required)


  • Vision system for precision print-to-cut registration
  • Linear actuators for material handling


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LS Series Brochure

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