The MATRIX Modular Digital Finishing System is a scalable, roll-to-roll finishing system with a wide range of in-line finishing features including laser processing, coating, printing, lamination, die cutting, slitting and duplex winding. The MATRIX has been specifically designed to be an affordable solution to expand production capabilities based on client needs.

Start with a base system and add modular finishing stations as needed. The MATRIX system is designed and built by LasX Industries and Aztech Converting Systems.

  • Modular design for growing production requirements optimizes initial investment
  • Ideal for labels, stencils, electronics and industrial products


Product Details


  • Laser type: Sealed CO2
  • Power: 250W, 400W
  • Module types: LPM, LPM flex
  • Average footprint: 866mm x 2437mm (34" x 96")
  • Laser life: Rated output for industry-leading minimum 20,000 operating hours before refurbishment


  • Unwind module, waste matrix rewind and single rewind module
  • Web widths are 255mm (10"), 330mm (13"), 457mm (18") and 508mm (20")
  • Kiss-cut work support
  • 4 modes of operation (continuous, index, repeat, static)
  • Patented 3rd-generation proton laser control software and LightGuide® software interface
  • Industrial-grade laser engineered for 24/7 operation
  • Class 1 safety rating (no special operator eye protection required)


  • Single or dual vision system for precision registration
  • Through-cut work support with drop collection
  • Servo-driven flexographic station for printing and coatings
  • Instant order change
  • UV curing system
  • Top-side or bottom-side unwind/laminator
  • Underscore station
  • Adjustable underscore unit with two blade holders
  • Slitting station
  • Additional rewind station


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