PLT Laser

Wide-web laser processing with fast and accurate setup of laser score location.

The PLT system is a roll-fed laser processing retrofit designed for accurate score positioning and score depth for high-speed pouch machines and other flexible packaging equipment. Up to six LaserSharp® LPM modules, each with independent scanner heads for cross-web laser processing, can be used to perform a variety of laser scoring and perforating processes in a single pass.

A dual-rail mounting system with built-in digital displays quickly locks each module into any position across the web. The PLT laser system is usually integrated just after the unwind stand and can be supplied in any web width.

Why PLT?

  • High-speed laser scoring and perforation across the web
  • Wide-web processing
  • Scalable production speeds (additional modules can be added later)

Product Details


  • Laser type: Sealed CO2
  • Power: Supports up to 6 LPM modules


  • High-speed LPM motion for accurate score positioning at high-speed
  • Each LPM is able to process up to 500mm (19.7") width


  • Eye-mark vision registration
  • TracSoft® web-edge registration sensor

Product Photos

PLT can be installed over any roll-unwind system.

Up to 6 laser modules can be specified.


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PLT Brochure

Need more detail about the PLT? Download a product brochure (pdf format).