VS Laser

VS Laser

The versatile VS system is similar to the LS Series but accommodates large CO2 lasers. The VS is designed for access from either the front or back of the unit, allowing tight integration into an existing web or production line. It can also be used as a standalone system. The VS system is engineered for reliable, consistent, heavy use in industrial and commercial applications.

The small footprint is ideal for customers with system space concerns and allows integration with third-party roll-to-roll applications. The faceplate is easily customized for integration into different applications. Options include automation with conveyors, bar code reader for instant job change at continuous production speed, drop/collection box, flex operation, and swing-arm HMI.

  • Integrates into existing lines
  • Designed for heavy industrial or commercial use
  • Small footprint

Product Details


  • Laser type: Sealed CO2
  • Power: 250W, 400W
  • Processing area: 170mm (6.7"), 270mm (10.6"), 350mm (13.8"), 500mm (19.7"), 600mm (23.6")
  • Laser life: Rated output for industry-leading minimum of 20,000 operating hours before refurbishment


  • Small footprint
  • Integrates into roll handling or conveyor systems
  • Mixed laser processes in a single production run
  • Patented 3rd-generation proton laser control software and LightGuide® software interface
  • Industrial-grade laser engineered for 24/7 operation
  • Class 1 safety rating (no special operator eye protection required)


  • Single or dual-vision registration
  • Automated material handling
  • Through-cut and kiss-cut work support
  • Barcode reader for pre-printed job information
  • Multiple fields-of-view processing
  • Swing arm for HMI


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