Contract Services

LasX provides on-demand contract manufacturing services tailored to your specific application needs.

For almost 20 years LasX has provided on-demand contract manufacturing to customers who want to outsource their manufacturing or do not have the volume to justify an equipment purchase.

Our team of laser experts will confidentially analyze your manufacturing needs and develop the appropriate laser processing sequence to optimize your proudction workflow and output.

Our ISO-certified contract service operations manufacture your products with a variety of laser processing work cells that are cost-effective for both short and long production runs. We also operate work cells designed for specific customer requirements and dedicated to round-the-clock production.

On-Demand Manufacturing

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Flexible Packaging

Superior laser scoring and perforating adds value to flexible film packaging


Full service provider for scalable end-to-end medical product solutions

Precision Converting

Precise, affordable laser processing adds savings straight to your bottom line

Graphic Arts

Laser cut intricate, stunning design files in less time for less money


Complete laser production services for high quality custom-cut plastic stencils