Flexible Packaging

Precision laser scoring and micro-perforating adds easy-open and breathable features to flexible packaging.

LasX's sister company, LaserSharp® FlexPak Services, specializes in contract laser converting for the flexible packaging industry. FlexPak's qualified staff, state-of-the-art food-grade facility and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction deliver results that will exceed your packaging expectations. Using innovative LaserSharp® laser processing techniques, FlexPak offers controlled, precise and consistent laser scoring and perforating functions that deliver high quality products and rapid turnaround at affordable prices.

Unlike mechanical perforation methods which often puncture packaging materials and may compromise their integrity, laser perforating processes vaporize flexible films, creating clean, strong, and uniform holes. FlexPak's ability to control the output power of the laser also makes it possible to achieve blind perforations which facilitate the exchange of gases and vapors while maintaining a hermetic seal. These benefits make laser perforating a superior choice for perishable foods as well as microwavable and rapid-fill packaging.

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  • Easy open package features
  • Breathable packaging
  • Microwave steam release features
  • Anti-counterfeit and security features
  • Venting for rapid fill packaging
  • Peel-reseal packaging
  • Modified atmosphere packaging

Featured Services

  • Confidential package development
  • Prototype production runs
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Tensile strength testing
  • Oxygen transmission rate testing
  • High volume pouch production

Laser Processing Capabilities

  • Multiple processes—micro-perforating, scoring and etching in a single production run
  • Straight line, contour line and patterned processing capabilities
  • Precision score depth control maintains the film's barrier layer
  • Consistent perforated hole size with a round shape free of residue

LasX innovates intelligent laser processing solutions for flexible packaging.