Precision Converting

Accurate, affordable, and on-time laser converting services for electronic and industrial applications.

The Precision Converting group at LasX is a full service job shop offering laser converting capabilities for the industrial and electronic markets. Our laser experts will help you take full advantage of laser processing as a product manufacturing solution, eliminating the costs of expensive tooling, maintenance downtime, and delays for design changes. In addition to traditional job shop functions, we help you develop the processes required for your unique product. Laser converting is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to mechanical processing methods, resulting in savings that go right to your bottom line.

Our non-contact LaserSharp® converting process delivers precision and accuracy that traditional die cutting methods cannot match. Because lasers vaporize material, the risks of material contamination are greatly reduced and parts display smoothly contoured cuts and edges that are free from processing artifacts. Eliminate the design constraints of metal dies and achieve unique geometries and complex shapes using laser technology.

Laser converting is ideal for materials such as abrasives and adhesives which are problematic or cost prohibitive to process with metal tooling. Additionally, lasers are able to precisely ablate conductive coatings without causing damage to the carrier substrate, appropriate for flexible circuit and RFID manufacturing. Our LaserSharp® technology offers the flexibility to process a wide variety of materials with unparalleled precision using advanced vision registration systems unique to our laser processing systems. Because laser converting is entirely digital, there's no downtime during pattern change over. The Precision Converting Services group will work with you to develop a laser process that suits the requirements of your electronic and industrial applications from prototype development to final production.


  • Graphic overlays
  • Flexible circuits
  • Gaskets
  • Touch screens
  • Spacers
  • Abrasives

Laser Processing Capabilities

  • Non-contact laser processing precisely ablates conductive coatings without causing damage to the carrier substrate, appropriate for flexible circuit and RFID manufacturing
  • Multiple laser processes available in a single production run: laser through-cut, kiss-cut, scoring (via drilling), ablation and perforating
  • Process a wide variety of sheet or roll-fed materials up to 20" by 20" with unparalleled precision
  • Electronics—polyester, metalized or conductive films, polypropylene, and polycarbonate
  • Automotive—adhesives, polyeurethane foams, Teflon, silicon-EPDM rubber, and cork
  • Laser technology eliminates downtime during pattern change over

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