MicroMed Solutions

LasX's MicroMed Solutions is your full service provider for scalable end-to-end medical product solutions.

Medical Devices & Subcomponents

The MicroMed Solutions group at LasX provides contract manufacturing services for the production of high quality microfluidic, IVD, biosensor and other medical components. As medical devices become more intricate and time to market shortens, the practical limits of conventional tooling are quickly being reached.

MicroMed Solutions utilizes innovative LaserSharp® digital converting technology to eliminate hard tooling, along with the costs, delays, and limitations associated with traditional converting methods. Laser converting technology delivers a more accurate, efficient, and flexible solution to process today's complex medical devices and subcomponents.

Full service provider for microfluidic devices, in vitro diagnostics and biosensors.

MicroMed Solutions is experienced in prototype development, clinical trials, and long-run production. Whether you need to produce 50 parts or 1,000,000 parts, the same process and equipment are used, eliminating the often difficult transition from low to high volume production. LaserSharp® technology is the ideal solution for short production runs because hard tooling is eliminated and job files reside on any secured network, making design revisions simple and fast. High volume parts are also produced efficiently as LaserSharp® technology can match or exceed the production rates of conventional die-cutting.




Processing Capabilities

Guaranteed Quality

When you contract with MicroMed Solutions, quality is guaranteed. Our Quality Management System ensures raw materials are properly handled and inventoried, work instructions and procedures are defined, document control is automated, and product quality is properly maintained. All processes are incorporated into our quality management system to help you achieve and maintain FDA approvals, and our ISO 13485:2003 certification ensures adherence to the highest international standards. Our Class 10,000 clean rooms keep your parts contaminant and debris free for the most accurate test results possible.


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