About LasX

LasX develops intelligent laser processing solutions for manufacturing innovation.

LasX Industries was founded in 1998 to develop, design and manufacture world-class industrial laser equipment for materials processing. Today, with our patented LaserSharp® digital converting technology, our mission remains focused on delivering intelligent laser processing solutions that have the highest performance, reliability and value for our customers. We have installed hundreds of machines worldwide for packaging, aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic, graphic arts, and textile industries.

More About LasX

Our laser processing solutions are designed for the highest-performance manufacturing: cutting, engraving, etching, perforating and ablating of all types of materials to optimize the manufacturing process. We are experts in collaborating with our customers to develop new or specific laser processes tailored to your requirements. Our solutions deliver the highest part quality and manufacturing productivity through equipment integrating the laser process with intelligent automation such as robots, machine vision and digital workflow.

For almost 20 years LasX has provided on-demand contract manufacturing to customers who want to outsource their manufacturing or do not have the volume to justify an equipment purchase. Our ISO-certified contract service operations manufacture your products with a variety of laser processing work cells that are cost-effective for both short and long production runs. We also operate work cells designed for specific customer requirements and dedicated to round-the-clock production.