WS Series Laser

Scalable design meets changing processing requirements.

The Workstation (WS) Series is an affordable, versatile laser processing system that can grow with your increasing business demands. A single 250W laser module can be used as a standalone, manually-fed workstation or easily integrated into new or existing web-fed or sheet-fed systems.

Up to three 1000W lasers can be installed for performing mixed laser processes in a single production run. For applications sensitive to exhaust, the WS Series includes a large, straight-through exhaust configuration.

Why WS Series?

  • Versatile design is scalable from a single 100W laser module to three 1000W modules
  • Customizable material processing area
  • Use as standalone unit or integrate into new or existing systems

Product Details


  • Laser type: Sealed CO2
  • Power: 100W, 250W, 400W, 1000W (single 2500W non-sealed version available)
  • Processing area: Adjustable
  • Laser life: Rated output for an industry-leading minimum of 20,000 operating hours before refurbishment


  • Scalable up to three 1000W laser modules for multiple processing
  • Supports inline and staggered fields across process area
  • Through-cut and kiss-cut work support
  • Large, straight-through exhaust (ideal for heavy debris applications)
  • Patented 3rd-generation proton laser control software and LightGuide® software interface
  • Industrial-grade laser engineered for 24/7 operation
  • Class 1 safety rating (no special operator eye protection required)


  • Adjustable process area from 170mm x 170mm (6.7" x 6.7") to 600mm x 600mm (23.6" x 23.6")
  • Non-sealed 2500W CO2 laser
  • Single or dual-vision registration system
  • Barcode reader processes job information on the fly
  • Through-cut and kiss-cut work support
  • Robotic load/unload
  • Dial table

Product Photos

Workstation for manual loading.

Workstation integrated to automated production line.

Various materials can be processed.

Precision registration to electronic parts.


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