One-stop shop for high quality custom laser cut stencils.

The Stencils group at LasX is your one-stop shop for complete stencil manufacturing solutions featuring the most advanced laser processing techniques for creating high-quality plastic stencils from a variety of materials. Our accurate, high speed laser process creates stencils with smooth, contoured arc segments and lines that do not exhibit jagged edges evident in plastic stencils created by mechanical methods. Traditional die-cutting cannot match the intricate, complex designs that are only possible using laser cutting as a production solution.

Our digital laser process allows us to control the cut edge and ensure that each stencil is identical and clean. Traditional stacking methods use lasers to cut through multiple layers of plastic then discard the top and bottom layers, wasting material, whereas we process each stencil individually, delivering the highest quality stencil possible without material waste. Our experts analyze every design to preserve detail while ensuring the highest structural integrity required for repeated stencil use.

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  • Arts & crafts
  • Silk screen designs

Laser Processing Capabilities

  • Multiple laser processes available in a single production run: laser through-cut, kiss-cut, scoring (via drilling), ablation and perforating
  • Smoothly contoured lines and arcs free from jagged edges or other undesirable artifacts
  • Consulting services available for custom orders and file preparation
  • Mark part information available on each stencil for value-added brand identity or inventory tracking simplification
  • Packaging options—collate, add inserts and bar codes, and package for a complete, retail-ready product

Ask for a Quote

To provide quote, we require the following information:

  • Type of plastic to be cut
  • Final part size and total quantity
  • If applicable, any specific packaging requirements/requests
  • Digital stencil file—accepted formats are .ai, .eps, .pdf and .dxf (file conversion services are available; cost depends on pattern volume and complexity)

To fulfill an order, the following details apply:

  • Minimum order is $150
  • Lead time is 1-2 weeks, depending on quantity and complexity
  • Prototypes of your design can be made available (prices vary)

LasX innovates intelligent laser processing solutions for stencils.