Industrial Laser Equipment

LasX designs high-speed industrial laser machines and systems.

Why Choose LasX

LasX designs, manufactures and installs complete laser system solutions.

Optimize Production

Optimize your manufacturing workflow with LasX's patented LaserSharp® advanced laser technology and control software. Get in touch with a LasX representative at 1-651-407-0011 to find the laser processing solution best suited for your manufacturing needs.

LasX laser machine
LasX laser machine

Years of Experience

For two decades, LasX has been designing, manufacturing and installing high-performance industrial laser systems for high-speed, high-precision laser materials processing applications, including laser cutting, laser engraving, laser etching and laser marking.

Precision Built and Tested

Our team of laser material processing experts are key to the world-class design of our complete laser system solutions. Upon installation, our experienced engineers will provide complete service and training support for the successful operation and maintenance of any LaserSharp® machine or module.

LasX laser machine