Laser Modules

Integrate laser technology into your current workflow with a LaserSharp® module.

Custom-Made Technology

LasX offers a selection of laser modules having different laser wavelengths and output powers, each designed to be retrofitted into your existing industrial equipment or integrated by OEMs into their equipment designs. Multiple processing capabilities save time while increasing productivity and throughput.

LaserSharp laser module
LaserSharp laser module

Power and Efficiency

A LaserSharp® laser module combines a laser source, power supply, focusing optics, beam scanner, patented process controller and LightGuide® software into a single package, making it easy to integrate laser technology into your manufacturing workflow. Modules can be placed in nearly any orientation or location on your production line.

Experienced Technicians

Our team of experienced laser process engineers will work closely and confidentially with you to develop the desired application, integrate one or more modules into your workflow, and test the finished laser system solution. Modules are completely sealed and need only an annual maintenance checkup; no beam alignment required.

LaserSharp laser module
LaserSharp laser module

Multiple Processing Capabilities

LasX creates processes and systems that combine one or more laser processing modules with different laser converting capabilities to noticeably increase your system's productivity. Laser processing capabilities include down-web scoring, perforations, contour scoring, down-web micro-drilling, pattern drilling, macro-drilling, etching, and cross-web patterns.

LaserSharp® Modules


Laser Downweb Module (LDM) is ideal for straight-line or down-web laser scoring, slitting and perforating of roll-fed or conveyed materials such as flexible films, aluminum foils and paper sheets.

Standard LPM

Laser Processing Module (LPM) is ideal for for laser cutting, scoring, perforating, engraving and ablating of any pattern or shape in 2D or 3D format. Max part size or processing area can be defined from 70 x 70mm (2.75" x 2.75") to 1250 x 1250mm (49.2" x 49.2").

Custom LPM

The LPM module can be optimized for specific processes where speed and accuracy are critical. Ask about the LPM GT, LPM flex, LPM dm or LPM xd.

Custom LPM Options

LPM gt

  • Upgraded beam scanning system for higher scanning performance with 3x higher acceleration rates
  • Ideal for processing of intricate patterns at higher production rates

LPM flex

  • Designed to automatically change between two laser processing areas, adding flexibility to workflow
  • One laser processing area is small to allow for processing of finer features into the material, while the second laser processing area is 2-3 x larger for more general laser processing

LPM dm

  • Designed to switch seamlessly between pattern and straight-line processing
  • Ideal for flexible packaging industry for micro-perforating and straight-line scoring of packaging films

LPM xd

  • Designed for maximum performance of laser drilling or micro-perforating
  • Ideal for flexible packaging industry for drilling small holes for breathable packaging at rates 3x higher than standard LPMs

Module Features

Compact Size

  • Small footprint allows module to be placed in nearly any orientation or position in production line
  • Multiple modules can be integrated closely together to scale to required production rates or material size

Industrial Design

  • High-tolerance, industrial-grade quality secures internal components, reduces vibration and increases accuracy
  • Integrated cooling and purge air maintain internal environment to reduce or eliminate condensation and maintenance requirements
  • Sensors monitor internal environment and prevent module's operation when setpoints are exceeded

Process Controls

  • LightGuide® control software maintains consistent laser processing results with parameter-based processing, extensive entity manipulation tools and comprehensive job file management
  • Dedicated I/O interfaces on process controller simplify integration with external position encoders, PLC devices, machine vision cameras, part registration sensors and barcode readers

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