William Dinauer, CEO

William Dinauer, CEO

Why did you join the LasX team?

I founded LasX in 1998 with the vision to innovate intelligent laser processing solutions for manufacturing. That same vision remains today. I am very proud to have led the LasX team focused on developing unique process control technologies and delivering solutions to customers in a wide variety of markets. As a result, LasX is recognized as a premier laser process solutions provider with over 500 LaserSharp® Processing Modules installed.

What do you enjoy most about the company?

I enjoy connecting the incredible LasX team to customers and partners who share our passion and persistence to develop intelligent laser processing solutions. Brainstorming with technical and business development teams to innovate solutions, ask "what if" to improve, and work in a "can do" spirit to maximize our customer's experience with LasX makes this work fun!

What are you excited about tackling next?

I am very excited to help the LasX team transition our organization and superb technologies to deliver Laser Processing Solutions to focused markets and customer groups. LasX has so many wonderful choices here and with focus we will be able to grow our business rapidly!